1505472_968835886475686_6591511115345607597_nMultibits Media was conceived many, many moons ago, by Jacob Fresco and Maurice Duijndam. And while Maurice has since long been a spiritual guide for Multibits, Jacob has been going, well, strong. With almost 20 year experience of in IT, almost half of which in radio and broadcasting, Jacob has a clear view on how he thinks software for media should be. One word: smart!

At one point, software was meant to make life simpler, not more complicated. It should be small, smart and preferably portable. Although the latter one is unfortunately not always possible, small and smart are must-haves. No huge manuals or endless registry-keys. As far as Jacob is concerned, an application has a single, plaintext, file containing all the settings.

The same simplicity should always be obeyed, not only in software, but also when writing scripts, developing a website or broadcasting for that matter.

Multibits Media will never be a Microsoft, Apple or Google! But it will keep bringing you smart, customized software that only does exactly what you need it to do!