Streaming to a virtual environment from hardware is not easy. You can, ofcourse, use a form of casting-software (Shoutcast/Icecast), but that will result in a variable delay. Not so desirable. Nobody wants to connect physical audioboards to a host. The audio should be streamed with few as possible AD/DA-conversions. Those only result in loss in quality.

Enter stage-right; Screamer EX. This purpose-build software is specifically designed to receive streaming audio and output it to a designated device, be it virtual or physical.

By using SDP (Session Description Protocol), Screamer EX is extremely flexible in its configuration. Mono PCM from an Exstreamer? No problem! 16-bit, 44,1khz stereo MP3 at 320bps? Still no problem. See SDP Samples for more information on SDP.

Screamer EX

Screamer EX saves the configuration in plain text. This makes it easy to update with any text-editor. Need more than one configuration? Save your configuration to a different file and use it as an command line parameter when starting Screamer EX. This way, multiple instances of Screamer EX, each with their own configuration, can run simultaneously.

Screamer EX

Screamer EX is not only suited for point-to-point-connections (i.e from the studio to the transmitter site), it also supports broadcasting/multicasting. That way, one single source can serve multiple Screamer EX’s. This is specifically meant for use in schools or offices.

Screamer EX was designed to be used with Barix equipment, but it can be used with any source that supports the RTP-protocol. This also includes the populair mediaplayer VLC. The way Screamer EX was coded, it minimizes the load on the system and because of the use of RTP, the delay on the streams is close to nonexistent. This makes Screamer EX extremely suited for use in an situation with multiple editions.

Screamer EX

Download the demo-version using the button below. The demo-versions has the following limitations:

  • Receive a stream for two minutes, after which the application has to be restarted
  • Only the default Windows audioboard is available for output

A license to upgrade to the full version (no reinstall required) can be purchased in the webshop.

System specifications:
Windows XP of newer (Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 compatible)
Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 (will be installed if not available)

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